Romans 6 – What Then?

Read Romans 6

As Paul continues to lay out the Truth of the Gospel, he begins to address some of the natural distortions and loopholes that people have, at times, tried to exploit in the Christianity.  He does so still explaining the deep reality of what justification by grace means for us.

Because those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are no longer under the Law but have received the grace of God, they have received profound freedom in their lives for how they live.  That being said, I think Paul still recognizes our sinful nature so takes that head on.

Naturally, one of the first thoughts would be, “well if grace abounds, then I can just do whatever I want because I’m forgiven.”  This notion is a distortion of what we know as Christian Freedom and takes advantage of God’s grace for our own gain.  By no means does Paul (or God) condone this way of thinking.  The point of grace is not for us to sin so much to make it that much greater but rather for us to recognize the enormity of grace because of the depth of our depravity.  More than that, as Paul says, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Sometimes I don’t think that we grasp well the reality of this.  Think of it this way: consider the most repulsive, vile, destructive human that ever lived.  Would you die for them?  Think of your best friend; would you die for them?  Would you do it knowing that they would likely take advantage for your sacrifice for the rest of their lives while claiming to honor it?

Jesus did… in both cases… and for all people good and bad alike.  How then should we live in response to this?

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