Romans 14 – Consider Others

Read Romans 14

Throughout the New Testament, Paul teaches about the grace and subsequent freedom that we have in Jesus Christ.  Those teachings are almost always followed by a discourse regarding what to do with that freedom, and what not to do as well.  All of it, however, is ultimately related to Jesus’ command to love one another and Jesus Christ loved them.

Here Paul addresses one of the major themes of freedom and love as it pertains to other believers.  He recognizes the fact that not everyone is in the same place when it comes to the strength and maturity of their faith.  It would be very easy for those who have fully embraced the freedom they received in Christ to tout it in a way that could be harmful to those who are not in the same place and whom the Holy Spirit is still working on.  Wielding our faith and our freedom in this way can be quite dangerous.

While the notion of freedom releases us from the bondage of sin and the law, it is not a license to run roughshod over those in our lives, whether Christian or not.  Paul says very clearly here and in the previous chapter that loving the other is the primary lens through which we act on our freedom.  We are not to judge each other.  Instead, we are called to live in a way that leads to the building up of our brothers and sisters so that together we will become stronger!

At the end of the day, Paul reminds us that our accountability is not to each other, but to the Lord before whom we are all equal.  Therefore, since we are free, let us use that freedom to love and edify each other to the glory of God.

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